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Voksenenga Nærmiljohage

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Working in the community garden has given me an appreciation for locally grown food and the friendships made with my neighbours.

Voksenenga Nærmiljohage is a community garden that has taught me how to cultivate and work with locally grown food. I have been active member of Voksenenga through supper clubs and food events hosted in the garden. Learning how to grow your own food brings an appreciation in the care we entrust in others to feed us. I have gotten a chance to know my neighbors and build connections in my community. The garden services the local schools, host cooking courses and activities for the Vestre Aker community and Beyond.

As a chef, it was important for me to learn how our food grows. The work in planting and caring for our crops in the garden has given me an appreciation for fresh ingredients and the outdoors. We begin the season once the winter snows have melted by preparing the land for planting. Sowing seedlings and planting in the spring is a race for time but with many hands on deck, we have managed to plant rows and rows of lettuce, sugar peas, squash, pumpkins, herbs, lettuce, kale, rhubard, and many more varieties of vegetables that can withstand the Norwegian climate. We work as a community of volunteers to bring life to a once barren piece of land. By coming together at the end of a work day, we share in a plant based meal cooked in garden's open air kitchen, where can talk about our backgrounds and get to know each other. The hard work is overshadowed by the friendships made over working the land.

Check out our work at www.voksenenga.noand see what can be done at a local level to contribute to your community.

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