Hi there! I'm Ampy.

I have been inviting friends and family to my table over the past ten years.  Adapting to the local ingredients, flavors and seasons has been an exciting experiment. I have learned how to choose dishes that work well together and encourage my guests to open up their own food experiences.  I offer my clients a chance to invite their friends and family to their own homes to share a meal without the stress in the kitchen.  The warm feeling of being welcomed home, where pictures of their family adorn the walls, art hanging in the hallways to opens up new conversations, and the gesture of sharing your space can build stronger connections with those around you.


The dishes I enjoy making the most are selected for the way they fit together as a meal. Over the years, I have found flavors that complement each other so each dish can enhance the next. When a client contacts me for an event, we meet in their kitchen to discuss their idea for a successful meal. We then decide on the elements they want to include with my suggestions to create a healthy, wholesome menu.  By preparing first in my kitchen and completing the finishing touches in my client’s homes, they are free from the tasks of shopping, prepping the food, cooking multiple dishes and juggling all the other duties involved when hosting.  They can focus on enjoying time with their guests.  


My clients appreciate good food and for the most part, are excellent cooks themselves.  I want to work with people who understand the effort it takes to bring a good meal to the table. Their trust in my kitchen skills allows me the creativity to deliver an exciting menu that suits the size of their group and fitting for the occasion.  



On this site, I share my food stories, recipes and inspirations, so you can join me on my journey to discover ways that food can connect us and add spice to our lives.